Resonate Health

Integrated healing programs that promote
a holistic and conscious approach
to your health and wellbeing

Virtual Health & Wellness Programs

We offer a new approach to healing. We focus on you,
where you want to be and move away from diagnosis, disease-focused, drug-centered and invasive treatment plans. It’s time to be and feel like the YOU that you desire!

What We Offer

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Enhance Immunity

Increase your resistance to
stress and disease

yoga, exercise, calm, therapy

Health Prevention

Invest minutes per day for long term health and longevity

physiotherapy, injury, exercise, therapy

Health Empowerment

Facilitate empowerment over
your health trajectory

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Integrated Health

Connect every aspect of your
health and wellbeing

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Optimized Health

Optimize your physical, mental,
emotional and spiritual being

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Restore balance to bring
joy to your life

Many of us suffer unnecessarily

Who can benefit from Resonate Health?

Our programs are developed for all humans!
You can start this program at any time, no matter how young or old
If you are breathing, you are living, and this program is for you!

Do you suffer from

Our Virtual Offerings

It’s time to support your physical, mental, emotional and energetic health and wellbeing

Your team of experts

Meet Our Doctors of Physical Therapy

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Dr. Heather Carr
Dr. Noelle Ekonomou
Dr. Kori Reigel

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